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What information does the school recruit excellent teachers through?


  1. The National Science Council universities and research institutions recruiters Information (http://web.nsc.gov.tw/).
  2. Higher Newsletters Careers message (http://www.news.high.edu.tw/).
  3. The Council of Labor Affairs Vocational Training Council National Employment e Network (http://www.ejob.gov.tw/).
  4. 104 Job Bank (http://www.104.com.tw).
  5. The newspapers and magazines media (China Times, Liberty Times, United Daily News).
  6. The teaching, administrative units in charge through interpersonal recommend.
  7. The school's website.


Biographical information on how to deal with teacher candidates?


  1. The preliminary review teacher candidates learn, experience data, in accordance with the academic expertise and the application of the classification system, with a doctorate or Assistant Professor (or more) teacher qualifications turn to send Secretary President Chen review.
  2. Not having a doctorate or Assistant Professor (or more) of teachers qualified candidates send resume recruitment unit reference.
  3. Teachers Review Committee.
  4. All applicants information, whether employed, are not send yet.


Learn how to check forgery, through documents?


  1. Each unit when teaching new recruits teachers, teacher qualifications applicants audit documents, to hold domestic diploma, please go to graduate school to verify its power of their qualifications is true.
  2. To hold schools recognized roster of foreign qualifications, should be published in accordance with the Ministry of Education, Cultural and Education finds its international graduate school if approved by the Ministry of Education (available on the Ministry of Education at the International Culture and Education Reference roster inquiries from foreign universities), and Please take the initiative to provide a list of their official party situation abroad, passport, entry and exit records and verification completed by the overseas units of foreign diplomas for auditing, in order to avoid holding forged documents were taught circumstances.
  3. To hold a teacher's certificate by the Ministry of Education for approval may be made to the Ministry of Education Academic Commission to verify whether it is true famous teacher's certificate.


How to apply for validation of foreign qualifications and transcripts?


  • Foreign academic credentials bring back domestic use, should be completed to verify the parties in accordance with the provisions of Overseas Missions. Students have to return to Taiwan if its foreign qualifications without Overseas Missions verification, please contact the Overseas Missions Trail or to contact the Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs Office.
  • Website: http: //www.boca.gov.tw/


Appointment of teachers employed when mentioning the process for that?


  1. Department, the, room, center teachers Jury trial (before March or the end of September each year).
  2. Hospital-grade teacher evaluation committee review (before the end of October or April each year).
  3. Personnel Office sent to check all the information, including external audit work (or November before the end of May each year).
  4. The review committee must review school teachers (at the end of June or December each year).
  5. Teachers' New (continued) Appointment jobs, according to regulations effective before school classes recruited Timothy consideration by appointment, may only commenced. Since 94 of the second semester of the academic year from non-special reason or principal projects approved, will not make mention recruits go through ratification procedures. Another academic units please mention hire teachers teach practical auditing expertise, in order to protect the interests of students taught
  6. (the school the first semester of the academic year 94 1st school teachers Jury resolution).


New (continued) when employed teachers, teacher evaluation committee shall have the following information for consideration of the teaching unit?


  1. Teachers hired sign. (new recruits)
  2. Teach the Council meeting. (Appointment and reappointment)
  3. Highest academic diploma photocopy and translation Yifen. (new recruits)
  4. A photocopy of the highest academic transcripts and translations Yifen. (new recruits)
  5. If there is no highest academic degree diploma should be attached to the certificate or statement. (new recruits)
  6. Teacher's Certificate photocopy. (already submitted for review by person)
  7. Overseas education verification letter photocopy unit. (holding foreign academic qualification of teachers who did not apply)
  8. Entry and Exit Bureau immigration records to verify the letter photocopy. (holding foreign academic qualification of teachers who did not apply)
  9. The part-time teachers such as full-time teachers for other schools please attach the original school consent.
  10. Years of full-time teachers are taken into account to apply for domestic and foreign private sector pay scales by mentioning Syria: Teachers who do not break the principles are taken into account Miantian, compliance should send information to the Department of Education to mention the Council for consideration.
  11. List of books related documents, dissertation abstracts, teaching specialty subjects, military documents, a letter of recommendation and other: other files.(School teachers appointed job processing point third point)


Duration of employment of full-time teachers, report date, salary date how to identify?


  1. Duration of employment of full-time school teacher letter of appointment, the following year is from August 1 until July 31 that year, from the middle of the appointment of persons, date of hire spontaneous and expiring on July 31 this school year. (school teacher Appointment way Article IX)
  2. The school full-time teachers per school year first semester candidates who register before the semester begins, as reported for duty in August day; the second semester of each academic year candidates who register before the semester begins, as reported for duty day to day of February ; report by the middle of the candidates to actually complete the report date to the school arrived to date (school teacher appointment Article 10).
  3. Teachers reported for duty in the semester before the start of the candidate who, since the beginning of the semester and starting salary date of hire date; semester after the start of candidates, from the actual date of reporting for duty, the starting salary. (university faculty salary Syria Article 13)


New recruits need to provide any information when full-time teachers to report?


  1. The identity card positive and negative photocopy (foreign teachers please send a photocopy of the passport and residence permit photocopy, photocopy of the original inspection also retained).
  2. The household registration, or within three months of household registration (photocopy of the original inspection also retained).
  3. A photocopy of diploma (including BA, MA, PhD, a photocopy of the original inspection also retained).
  4. All documents or services through a photocopy of proof (photocopy of the original inspection also retained).
  5. A photocopy of proof before leaving the unit (such as the Department transferred by the institutions, please attach calendar years of salary or assessment notices, a photocopy of the original inspection also retained).
  6. Pay two inches bust three color photographs (for identification card to use, please indicate the service units behind, name, title).
  7. Teacher's Certificate photocopy (who has been submitted for review, the original inspection also photocopy retained).
  8. Tui Wuling photocopy (male pay, women are exempt, a photocopy of the original inspection also retained).
  9. Asian university faculty resume paying a duplicate (please download Personnel Office website, fill out the information on their own personnel office sent a photocopy of a photo after duly posted, please e-file transmitted Personnel Office clliao@asia.edu. tw).
  10. Fill teacher qualifications submittal table member (https://www.schprs.edu.tw, Code: 1048 has been made by a teacher's certificate Miantian).
  11. The paid within three months of health certificate (general hospital can, including hepatitis B blood tests, X-rays).
  12. The roll-out of single health insurance (including dependents, plus the public, health care use).
  13. Please report the above documents together with all science, experienced personnel office to handle documents sent within a week after the return of the original auditing, photocopy kept pumping.


The duration of employment for part-time school teacher?


  • Duration of employment for part-time teachers in the letter of appointment to the principle of one semester (first semester is from August until January 31 next year the year; the second semester of the year since the first day of February until the year July 31 stop), half appointed by spontaneously engage the date until the end of the semester only.
    (School teacher appointment Article IX)


After the interruption to teach part-time teachers, the program intends to re-appoint?


  • Part-time teachers if the issues had been considered by the commencement of interruption, subsequent reappointment proposed by then, the Department of the chamber, the center teaches the Council adopted, check sent directly mentioning the consent of the school principal teaching assessment will be included in the report of the matter, no longer included agenda for consideration.
    (School 94 years on February 24 the second semester of the academic year 93 1st school teachers Jury resolution)


Serving teachers as to achieve a higher degree or higher level teaching certificate, how to handle employed instead?


  • Please serving teachers higher education or higher-level teaching certificate sent to the Department submitted to teachers at all levels of the Vetting Committee for consideration.


New recruits foreign teachers how to bid for full-time work permit?


  • After the new appointment of foreign teachers hired full-time after, seized items related tables attached (by hiring foreigners register, passport photocopy, an inch photo two photos) means of a letter from the Council of Labor Affairs school work permit, he or she is hiring teachers to be licensed Trail Bureau of consular Affairs to bid for work visas, after the completion of visa to apply for Taichung County Police Department Wai Shike aliens residence permit.


Reappointment of full-time foreign teachers how to bid for a work permit?


  • Roster by hiring foreigners proofread by the teachers themselves, teaching assessment levels will raise through the reappointment, enclosed with a photocopy of a passport, an inch photo two photos, a photocopy of alien residence permits, last year or last payroll withholding tax certificate and a photocopy of a photocopy of the voucher , the unit in charge, after the Presidency Council of Labor Affairs signature means of a letter from the school for work permit, after hiring teachers themselves permission to be obtained radial extension Taichung County Police Department handled Wai Shike aliens residence permit.


According to parent (according spouse) if granted residence needs a work permit?


  • Foreign nationals in the territory of the Republic of China and has a national household registration of marriage, and allowed to stay who do not have to apply for a work permit, only to send a photocopy of the residence permit aliens to pay personnel office for future reference.


It has been permanently resident in the Department of consanguinity or how to apply for a work permit?


  • Have been authorized in the territory of the Republic of China has its domicile of lineal blood relatives living together or who could not obtain permanent residence application by the employer, the radial central competent authority for permission, but still have to pay a photocopy of alien residence permits, hiring letter license photocopy ; if the application is requested by the school according to their new recruits (or reappointment) way out.


Teacher qualifications submittal Have age limit?


  • With not more than 65 years of age is limited, but in the beginning of the school year has not yet expired, Duration 65 years, granted clemency to handle.


What with "degree" submittal teacher qualifications? What with "specialized works" submittal teacher qualifications?


  1. "degree" means submittal teacher qualifications can obtain a master's degree, "instructor certificate" by the Ministry of Education review; with a doctorate by the Ministry of Education to review the old system, teachers may get "associate professor certificate" Teachers can get fresh, "Assistant Professor certificate. "
  2. With it has a master's degree or a GED Bo, has been engaged in the study and research work on the subject, the professions or positions of years of service, dedicated to works by the three elements of education members appointed under section 16-18 provision , was higher than that of the original submittal degree rank (eg graduates lecturer, assistant professor qualifications to trial; or PhD graduates, associate professor qualifications to trial), namely the so-called "special book" to trial.


The so-called "research work related to the study of the subject, the professions or positions of years of service." Why?


  1. The alleged specialized profession, means an examination set by legislation and regulations and occupational licensed practicing certificate and its nature and extent of aspiring job quite specialized or technical occupation; alleged professional duties, referring to the government agencies, schools, or public and private institutions engaged in and disciplines related to the study, a similar curriculum to teach the nature and extent quite specialized or technical positions.
  2. (Educational personnel appointments Enforcement Rules Article 12).
  3. Years of Service: years of research work, specialized career or his position, according to the service organizations (institutions) officially issued proof of service starting and ending date contained in the calculation.
  4. (Specialist school teacher qualification examination way Article 6, paragraph 1)


The so-called "work, achievement certificate or technical report," Why?


  1. 1. University, independent college and college sports, the arts, applied science and technology skills-based or Shengdeng appointment of teachers, to work, achievement certificates or technical reports instead of specialized books submitted for review.(Education members appointed under section 14 paragraph 3)
  2. Art works including teachers submittal art, music, dance, theater, film, design six. Works should be submitted for review consistent with the nature of the subjects taught, since the completion of the previous grade teacher qualifications acquired works, and shall be submitted for review five major works were completed during the year. 20.00 was the media reports, comments or winning proof.(Specialist school art teachers to work and achievements prove the job submittal teacher qualification points 3,4 points)
  3. The technical report, refers to technical and practical research results and innovative specialist teachers for theoretical or experimental techniques of specific, concrete results to improve or extend those applications, the R & D results to teacher qualification submittals.
  4. (Specialist teachers in technical jobs report submittal teacher qualification points 3,4 points)


Special works department, the Council reviewed the proposed teaching hospital submittals should note which provisions?


  1. The original should be individual shall not organize, deletions, bianzhu writings from the combination or arrangement of others.
  2. Consistent with the nature of the subjects taught, and the Department for review in five years, well-known academic or professional journals or issue a certificate has been accepted and will be published regularly, or by publishing public issuers.
  3. Write a book of language is not limited; beyond text writers, should be attached to Chinese feed. However, subjects taught foreign languages, should be granted to written language.
  4. Reference information should indicate the source, along with a bibliography.
  5. Works payable to send in triplicate. In the above two kinds of books for review, should be fixed for its own representative works and reference books. It belongs to a series of related researchers have merged as the representative works.
  6. Representative works as co-author of the coefficient can be only one person to trial, others must renounce the right to represent the work as it works to trial. Submittals should explain in writing my participation in part, by the co-author Seal certified. However, the following circumstances, have to be exempted from intercourse Author Seal certified: (1) for review by the Academia Sinica. (2) for review by the first author or communication (Bernama) - author, co-author signature to prove its foreign section.(Specialist school teacher qualification examination measures Article 4)
  7. Shengdeng school teachers to actively seek authorization from the trial, and to enhance teachers at all levels bhengdeng pass yield, future teachers bhengdeng academic papers on behalf of the unit should work in a personal capacity, independently published as excellent, try to avoid co-authored books handle paper Shengdeng submittals. bhengdeng parties may consult the various academic units when mentioning outside review of scholars and experts recommended, may, based on the individual circumstances of the list submitted to the assessment committee to serve will avoid job submittal.
  8. (School 94 years on October 25 the first semester of the academic year 94 1st school teachers Jury resolution)


Teachers apply Shengdeng regulations?


School teacher shengdeng the application, shall, before the end of February or the end of August each year make shengdeng apply to their respective Department. Teachers shall submit an application under the list of items:

  1. Teachers apply Shengdeng personal data sheet.
  2. Shengdeng application performance review form.
  3. Teacher qualification resume. (In triplicate, to the Ministry of Education academic board member website www.schpqs.edu.tw download, Asian University Code: 1048, professor.txt electronic file Please spread Personnel Office Undertaker mail: molly@asia.edu.tw)
  4. Submittal Representative works (including Chinese abstract) and reference works (publications within the last five years in triplicate).
  5. Former ranks of teachers, Ministry of Education issued a photocopy of the certificate.
  6. A photocopy of the original letter of appointment school grades.
  7. Coauthored certificate (if represented as co-author).
  8. The part-time teacher's certificate of full-time service.
  9. (School teacher Shengdeng way Article 8).


When teachers apply shengdeng, under what circumstances are taken into account the results required teaching services?


  1. Teachers at the school to teach for one year continuously, that is required to carry out the assessment of teaching service when applying for shengdeng achievement.
  2. Here the alleged Shengdeng include specialized books and works of art, achievement certificate or technical report for review.


Results of teaching services calculated?


  1. school teachers handle shengdeng, its teaching, service scores account for 30 percent of teachers reported that the Ministry of Education a total score of qualification
  2. The full-time teacher: research accounts for 70% of the total score of the review, the review scores of 20% of the total teaching, services accounted for 10% of the total score of the review, but their respective sub-score of 70 points or more should.
  3. The part-time teachers: study accounted for 70% of the total score of the review, the review scores of 30% of the total teaching, but their respective sub-score of 70 points or more should.
  4. (School teacher teaching service performance assessment methods third, four)


Shengdeng old system in line with the criteria for lecturer, associate professor of the possibility to apply directly for Shengdeng?


  • Educators Appointment Regulations published correction (in 86 years March 21) before the instructor certificates acquired, and continues to teach those who are not interrupted, according to the regulations may apply to associate professor qualification. Subject to progressive handle specialized work or doctoral dissertation outside the trial.
    (Education members appointed under section 30 of the 1, specialist school teacher qualification examination measures Article 15)


He referred to "continue to teach those who are not interrupted," how to identify?


  • Since 1986 March 21 date, as the faculty did not interrupt, namely the letter of appointment of each semester and there are those who teach facts. Approved retention with pay or without pay, could leniency identified as not interrupted; part-time teachers each semester if there are job offers and the fact that those who teach likewise.


New part-time teachers who did not have a teacher's certificate, whether its handling school teacher qualification?


  1. He has a doctorate in SCI or SSCI publication adjunct assistant professor of papers accepted by the teacher assessment committees at all levels may only be submitted to the Ministry of Education teacher qualification examination after consideration by the(school 93 years on July 27 92 2nd Semester Academic Year seven school teachers Jury resolution).
  2. The lecturer must teach in the school for three years in a row, for consideration by the teacher assessment committees at all levels, good performance after sending school teachers Jury deliberations may only be submitted by the Ministry of Education teacher qualification examination.(School 91 September 11 91 1st 1st semester school teachers Jury school year resolution)


In their official way to obtain the cumulative foreign master and doctoral qualifications to handle the possibility of teacher qualifications to trial?


  • Cumulative manner to obtain a degree in education, their local master should comply with their official time full eight months, Dr. full ten months, Dr. Shuo readers over 24 months while repair of standards, and to papers, personal writings or works review finds its qualifications.
    (specialist in foreign academic school teacher qualification submittal job instructions).


Whether provisional degree certificate must apply for academic validation or verification?


Temporary degree certificate submittal who still depend academic validation or verification provisions.


Can I apply for a temporary certificate of degree teacher qualifications submittal?


  • If the provisional degree certificate, confirming that it has obtained the degree, but the school uniform regulations temporarily unable to obtain formal jobs diploma, could be regarded as GED-qualified, and contained complete the degree by degree thesis examination according to the provisional certificate the fact that the requirements of the identified time. Official degree certificates shall be retroactive Personnel Office photocopy archive, otherwise it will pursue the teacher's certificate and report to the Department of cancellation.


Retention with pay, leave without pay or no lessons were the semester, can apply for teacher qualification or Shengdeng?


  • We need to have the actual facts taught in the school side was handled submittals. Shengdeng application process apply retention with pay, leave without pay who then review the temporary suspension.


Be appointed as a teaching professional and technical personnel, for attention?


  1. Alleged professional and technical personnel with special professional practice means, accomplishments or achievements, competent teaching workers. The specific deeds, special accomplishments or achievements of the finds should be the first to send scholars and experts in related fields at home and abroad for more than two (inclusive) handle the professional review. Part-time or short-term visiting faculty of professional and technical personnel to handle without any additional external audit, more than the check-school academics or experts attached letter of recommendation from two schools teach mention the Council for consideration.
  2. Professional and technical personnel to serve as a principle, was hired as a full-time if necessary. The number of full-time professional and technical personnel into the use ratio may not exceed the number of teachers in the Department of existing tenth principle of less than ten units have appointed one.(Appointment of professional and technical personnel as a way of teaching a second article 9, 11)


After the teacher shengdeng, how reclassification of its payroll?


  • After the teacher shengdeng, salary certificate from the Ministry of Education since the starting date of the reclassification of funding new level salary and hourly fees.


The private sector are taken into account years of service raise the pay scale classification of the provisions?


  1. Nature and aspiring original job teaching similar subjects, their work experience is required to really teaching.
  2. The original job as a full-time, and with considerable aspiring teachers post grades, service performance and the case is excellent.
  3. The foreign office documents, accompanied by Chinese translations, and by the Chinese embassies and consulates or designated agency verification; such as when the verification is difficult, which signed the former head of office agency or department in charge of the documentation, also mining was recognized.
  4. At home and abroad "with the scale" and is recognized internationally renowned standard of non-private research institutions, means registered with the competent authorities in the case, in fact, paid-in capital of NT Siqian million yuan, and annual turnover of NT $ five thousand one hundred million yuan or more persons. Its capital and annual turnover, respectively, of the company's license and proof of the amount of tax contained in the identification of.
  5. The private sector are taken into account years of service should raise the pay scale classification review of the appointment of qualified teachers and the case Jury mention at all levels of consideration.(College lecturer hospital school teachers over the former domestic and foreign private sector are taken into account seniority principle raise the pay scale classification)


After teachers have Which of the following circumstances except appointment shall not be dismissed, stop hiring or non-renewal?


  1. More than a year in prison by the judgment, has not been declared probation.
  2. Has served public, due to corruption and malfeasance have been convicted or wanted to determine the case yet to be settled.
  3. The appointment shall be terminated, or by off-grade disposal has not expired or suspended from duty because of the case, the reason has not been extinguished.
  4. Attainder not yet been reinstated.
  5. Declared production of proscribed treatment, not yet been revoked.
  6. Disorderly conduct detrimental to the teaching profession, who can be verified by the relevant authorities.
  7. By qualified physicians proved mentally ill.
  8. Teaching ineffective or incompetent, there are specific facts or circumstances are serious violations of the Employment Contract.(Faculty of law Article 14)


What is dismissal?


  1. During the appointment of teachers about the existence, has one of the sections of violations Teachers Act 14, paragraph 1, the service school teachers review the Commission's resolution, there is the case under the terms of paragraph 7 of retirement or severance provisions outside in addition, it shall be reported after the approval of the competent educational authority, lifting engagements.(teachers Act Enforcement Rules Article 16)
  2. Teachers Appointment Article 31 or Article 33 of the circumstances have the education staff appointment regulations, according to the law should be dismissed.


What stop hiring?


  • During the teachers' contracts means the existence, has one of the sections of violations Teachers Act 14, paragraph 1, the service school teachers review the Commission's resolution, except for the case under the terms of paragraph 7 of retirement or severance provisions, the report to the after the approval of the competent educational authority to suspend engagements related parties.
    (Teachers Act Enforcement Rule 16)


What is not re-appoint?


  • Teachers have one of the sections of circumstances means Teacher Law Article 14, paragraph 1, the service school teachers Jury resolution, not the reappointment upon the expiration of the period engagements, except for the case under the terms of paragraph 7 of retirement or severance provisions In addition, it shall be reported by the competent educational authority approver.
    (Teachers Act Enforcement Rule 16)


School to school full-time teacher puts in a lot specified why? Full-time teachers Saturday, Sunday school puts in a lot, whether its teaching is limited to a predetermined number of four hours puts in a lot outside the school?


  1. No part-time executive positions, the school grant full basic full-time hours and did not have to apply for job training school puts in a lot of teachers.
  2. Shall comply with the provisions of the following conditions:Yes (1) One year or more of an academic paper published by the journal.(2) Has a NSC or government agencies, agency thematic research program conducted by.(3) Has industry-university cooperation program and project funding of $ 100,000 or more than NT.(Full-time school teacher puts in a lot outside the Supplementary Provisions of the second point)
  3. The non-full-time teachers by school consent puts in a lot at school, on Saturdays and Sundays likewise.


Adjunct school teachers should pay attention to matters that?


  1. Close hired new teachers, shall be subject to the Lord, from the Department hired Units (the) teachers and teaching unit of the Vetting Committee passed a first reading by the Faculty Review Committee to review school teachers by sending summary trial by Jury (no hospital-grade teacher Jury the path to send school teachers teaching units Jury final review), after President Chen signed approval, to be co-employed.
  2. If the unit is currently Adjunct school teacher, shall be subject to the consent by the master and slave units employed in accordance with operating procedures by TAS, after President Chen signed approval, to be co-employed.(School teacher Adjunct Article 6)


Another reason within the duration of employment he or duration of employment expires, the handle should resign precautions why?


  1. Teachers in the employ approximately resignation effective period for any reason, please book in his resignation three months ago, after the principal consent before they can be relieved of his duties. Otherwise, on breach of contract, breach of school cope quite three salary-chun (including benfeng, research expenses and allowances) of the fine.
  2. Teachers no longer apply, Duration expiry shall submit his resignation to the duration of employment before the expiry of one month, after the president approved the separation procedures, otherwise default on, to cope with the school rather two salary-chun (including benfeng, research expenses and allowances) of non-compliance fines. (School teacher hired about service rules eleventh, twelve)
  3. After receiving visa before departure should be handled in accordance with the provisions of leaving leaving certificate program, the program is not completed school leavers who can not be issued in accordance with the provisions of any supporting documentation.


How to apply for school leavers procedures?


  • Back to school procedures apply payable staff identification cards, vocational name Zhang (Chief officer '), the letter of appointment (term in-service teachers will be required to change the duration of employment), to settle the public health care costs, salary settlement (mid resignations), and the relevant units completed book, Tuisu, property transfer, loan, cancellation e-mail accounts and other matters.